About Us

Our award-winning rum starts its journey at sea, arriving by ship as molasses in the beautiful port of Cape Town. A coastline scattered with the wrecks of trading vessels has earned this place the name “The Cape of Storms”, and it is on this wild and beautiful peninsula that Copeland Rum is born.


The call to make rum came to James Copeland ( veteran electronic musician and life-long rum fan ) while touring the plantations of a tropical island with a question repeating in his mind: “Why does South Africa – with a history of over 200 years of sugarcane production  – have no unique rum culture of its own?” The question became a passion to create a legacy in rum and to help elevate this glorious spirit to the noble status it deserves.


So began his garagiste rum making days: a crazy hunt for cane juice, barrels, molasses, exotic rum yeasts and enough electricity to power a not-quite-home-distiller sized still all from his little garage in Noordhoek. A wonderful and tasty journey with many nods of approval along the way that kept him pushing onward into the glorious world of distilling rum.


Fast forward a few years and plenty of red tape and we finally have our rum in a bottle.


Copeland Cape Rum showcases what deep, tropical aromas and complex noble flavours can be unlocked from molasses if it’s treated right. The philosophy behind it is simple: Put Rum in the same league as the finest single malts, cognacs and brandies. Get rum the respect it deserves by treating its production with respect.


Pure Single Rum – one of the new worldwide class designations for producers adhering to honesty in rum labeling – describes our product: All fermented and distilled on site – no additives , no sweetening  , no fake anything.


We hope you enjoy our first release; the unaged, bold and full-flavoured Copeland Cape Rum while we eagerly await our aged expressions and spiced rums in the near future.